Hamilton Building Supply was founded by Stanley and George Hutchinson in 1924. The business began by selling masonry products such as cement and lime. As Hamilton Building Supply grew, it expanded into lumber and building materials, and coal. In 1967 Hamilton Building Supply was sold by the Hutchinsons to Jesse Coleman Jr. and his brother, Earl Coleman. A few years after, Earl sold his share to Jesse who brought three of his sons into the business as part owners. Hamilton Building Supply has continued to expand under the leadership of Kim, Kip and Keith Coleman adding pre-hung door manufacturing, a custom millwork shop, a commercial door division and a tool rental department to it's building supply business.  With Kim and Kip now Retired from Hamilton Building Supply, Keith Coleman has assumed the role of President and CEO of the 90 year old company.

Our Mission

Hamilton Building Supply's Mission is to...

(1) Create and maintain relationships with customer/partners and vendor/partners in order to achieve maximum long-term growth and value for all parties;
(2) Reinforce client relationships through creative problem-solving, efficiency, professionalism, and a broad offering of services that cater to the individual needs of customer/partners; and
(3) Develop the industry's best workforce by developing the potential of each associate and treating them with respect and dignity