Hamilton Building Supply is now offering a pre-finish service for both Exterior Doors and Interior Doors.


Our Interior Door Shop has recently expanded its services to include pre-finishing doors with a two-coat spray application performed in a controlled environment at perfect temperatures and low humidity. As the standard finish, we use high quality Valspar Semi-Gloss Designer white and guarantee uniform coverage on all six sides of every door.  This service is available on a wide variety of interior doors including door blanks, machined doors and pre-hung door units. Although white is our standard pre-finish, we will also pre-finish your doors in the color of your choice. All work is professionally done on a timely schedule and finished doors are well protected for safe transport. We even provide touch-up paint with every order. Next time you are ordering interior doors, consider having them pre-finished and eliminate the worries and the mess!


For decades, we have supplied products like unfinished, wooden front entry doors because either the manufacturer or the distributor did not offer priming or painting and most still do not offer this service.  Yet, in order to meet manufacturers’ warranty requirements, an item like a front entry door needprefinish1.jpgs to be fully sealed (primed and painted) “immediately” upon installation.  For many customers, this is a cumbersome requirement that necessitates coordination of a painter, cooperation of Mother Nature, a conducive environment, and potentially multiple applications…with time in between each application.   Now, Hamilton Building Supply can pre-prime, prime and one finish coat, or prime and two finish coat just about any item in a climate controlled environment.   Just give us the specifications and we’ll take care of the rest…simplify your life and protect your warranty. prefinished_ent_closeup.jpg